As the board so eloquently writes below, if only in our minds, the Rail Park is already a living growing piece of the Philadelphia landscape. Construction plans are complete and ready to be bid on. We can now begin to watch as the Park solidifies and take it’s physical form in the family of Philadelphia parks.

“Sometimes, when a project is just starting out, there are days when it’s hard to imagine how it will ever come to fruition. By the time the Rail Park is a thriving pathway that has transformed the City of Philadelphia — serving as play space for children and an outdoor classroom for nearby schools and the Community College of Philadelphia; a link to the most renowned cultural institutions in the city; a free, safe, publicly accessible park and bicycle path; a destination for engaging events and educational programs and a place to stroll and relax and to meet friends and neighbors — it will be hard to imagine when it never existed at all.”

Read the full article at Friends of the Rail Park.