Even in a seller’s market, there’s still a best time to list your house. Homes tend to sell faster in some months than others, and even the day can make a difference. When you sell your home can also affect the price. 

Ready to put your home on the market? Here’s when you typically get the best results. 

What’s the Best Season to Sell Your Home?

The season can affect how fast your home sells and the price you get for the property. The housing market has seen changes over the last few years, but the best time to list a home has remained pretty much the same. 

Spring is the best time to list a house, followed by fall. Homes are still selling in the summer and winter, but the property may sit on the market a little longer. You may not also get the highest price during these semi-off seasons. 

More people are shopping for homes after hibernating during the winter. There’s also the urgency of moving before summer vacations start. Home sales in the fall are a little lower than in the spring months but it’s still a good time to list your house, especially in August before schools are back in session. 

Homes listed in early March typically sell faster. You are also more likely to get at or above your asking price. 

Is There a Best Day to List Your House?

There aren’t any rules restricting you on which days you can list a house, but some often get a better response from potential buyers. 

Homes listed on Saturdays or Sundays tend to stay on the market a little longer. It also applies to Friday listings. Monday through Wednesday listings tends to sell a few days faster than homes listed on the weekends. 

The best time to list your home is on a Thursday. It gives potential buyers plenty of time to add your property to their must-see list for the coming weekend. It’s also the primary reason homes listed on other days tend to sit a little longer. 

Your Location Can Change When to Sell Your Home

Homes in colder climates often don’t hit the market until early spring. People are eager to venture outside and start their hunt for a new home. 

Properties in warmer climates don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures keeping buyers in their homes. Houses in these locations often sell quickly during the winter and sit on the market a little longer in the hot summer. 

What to Include in Your Home Listing

There are a few things everyone expects to see in a home listing. The square footage, number of bathrooms, and bedrooms are always included. 

You also want to let potential buyers know about any upgrades or additions. Have you added on a garage or in-law apartment? What about an in-ground pool? Even a mixed media room for your laser projector should be included in your listing. 

Even in a seller’s market, the goal is to generate excitement about your home. 

Are You Ready to Sell?

Chances are you will get your asking price for your home right now. It is a seller’s market and it is expected to stay this way through the year. 

The potential financial benefits can make it tempting to sell now, but it’s important to be sure you are ready to move out of your home. It’s an emotional process, especially if it’s been your home for years. You also want to be ready for the lifestyle change that comes with moving to a new home. 

If you are ready to sell, we are here to help you through every step of the listing, selling, and closing process.