1555 Ridge Avenue iRidge Avenue, in Francisville, has been seeing a gaggle of new development in recent years, after being largely stagnant and vacant for many years.  Most of these buildings are apartment buildings, with retail spaces along Ridge Avenue required by zoning. These new buildings are replacing mostly vacant lots or very dilapidated buildings.  One such site is at 1555 Ridge Avenue, where there is a vacant lot at 16th and Ridge. A new mixed-use apartment and retail building is being built there by Tester Construction Group and designed by Canno Design.

1555 Ridge Avenue is a triangular-shaped lot.  The new building will be five stories tall, with a 1,000 foot retail space on the first floor and eight rental units above.  Four of the rental units will be one-bedroom units and four will be two-bedroom units. The design will include a brick facade with bay windows and some angles.  On top will be a roof deck for the tenants. The building will include bicycle storage and storage for tenant belongings. There will, also, be a 150 square foot side yard.

Francisville has come a long way since the days when it was very blighted.  New development is happening throughout the neighborhood and has finally made its way to Ridge Avenue.  1555 Ridge Avenue adds to that revitalization.

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