Many rental properties in Philadelphia come with balconies, outdoor spaces, and roof decks, but decorating these spaces can be daunting. Or worse, you may be using your balcony to store a bike or as an extra storage space. Maybe you have a plastic chair or two, or a single potted plant. Or maybe your balcony is completely empty.

Even when touring new a new house or apartment to rent, it can be difficult to visualize how to decorate or organize your outdoor space. Consider creating a cactus balcony garden or creating a cozy seating area for Philly’s Fall evenings.

With Philadelphia’s incredible views, if you have an outdoor space you should be getting the most out of it! Whether it’s a space to read, talk, or even eat, take advantage of your outdoor space by implementing the ideas below! Whatever you do, we’re sure your outdoor patio, roof, or balcony will become your favorite spot.

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