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Roof Decks are Becoming Standard for Philly Residents

Philadelphia Roof Deck

The pandemic orders have adjusted homeowner, renter, and buyer expectations. More Philly residents are seeking additional space, both inside and outside. Outdoor space is scarce in dense areas of the city, but it’s become more of a “must-have” this year…

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Durst Selected to Develop Penn’s Landing

Durst to develop Penn’s Landing

The Durst Organization of New York has been selected to redevelop Penn’s Landing, ending efforts by the Philadelphia 76ers to build themselves a new basketball arena there. Under a $2.2 billion plan approved Wednesday by the key waterfront board, the…

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Living in Fishtown: A Neighborhood Guide

Fishtown got its name because of fish, of course. In the 1730s, the Germans and Englishmen who poured into the newly created town of Kensington set about turning it into an industrial powerhouse. The first of what would be many…

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15 Best DIY Disinfectants

Making your own DIY disinfectant is a great place to start if you’d like to use more natural cleaning products when you’re cleaning your home. A disinfectant will help you conquer those germs and keep your family happy and healthy, especially when used with…

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11 Chic Wall Niches That Create Bonus Square Footage

If you are utterly confused about what to do with those awkward wall alcoves, we are here to explain. In many abodes, those particularly odd nooks typically referred to as wall niches serve either a decorative or functional (think: storage)…

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