The Wissahickon neighborhood is in the northwestern part of Philadelphia and is named after the beautiful Wissahickon Creek Park, which runs through the neighborhood.  The Wissahickon Creek is surrounded by trees and trails and it drains into the Schuylkill River at East Falls. The Wissahickon neighborhood has a mix of large homes and row-homes and a few high-rise apartment buildings, such as the luxurious Alden Park Apartments.  Some areas of Wissahickon have mostly row-homes, but are starting to see new development as demand increases and developers show interest in the neighborhood. One site has a vacant bowling alley and parking lot between Hermit Street and Pechin Street, at 3857 Hermit Street (or 3823 Pechin Street).  This site has been bought by developers to be developed with a new apartment building.

This new building will be called Pechin Flats and it is being designed by 3GHC Architects.  It will have forty-two rental apartment units in four stories. The front will be on Hermit Street and is designed to blend in with the townhouses on the block, including bay windows.  The fourth floor will be set back from Hermit Street, allowing for terraces and decks for the top units. The back entrance of the building, on the sloping site, will be accessible by a driveway off of Pechin Street.  The parking lot in back will have fifty-one spaces for cars and there will be bicycle parking, as well. The site will have a stormwater basin, approved by the Philadelphia Department of Water, to prevent stormwater runoff.  The exterior will have limestone, simulated wood, concrete board, and brick.

Wissahickon is a well-situated neighborhood, next to the beautiful creek and park and accessible by much public transportation.  The neighborhood has very few vacant sites for development, so as demand for housing increases, it is likely that more apartment buildings will be built in Wissahickon.  Pechin Flats reuses an unused site and increases housing diversity in the neighborhood.