Whoever you are, here’s a guide to renting in Philadelphia, from finding your digs, to insuring them (yes, you should get renter’s insurance) to making yourself at home. Got anything to add? Hit up the comments, or our tipline. Happy apartment hunting!

Get to know Philly’s neighborhoods
It is not an exaggeration to say that Philadelphians take where they live very, very seriously. We’re an aggressively neighborhood-centric bunch, and choosing your neighborhood is right on par with choosing your actual apartment.

Whether you’re local or out of town, a good first step is to take our fun personality quiz to help determine what Philly neighborhood speaks to you. Then, if you’re able to, grab a bike, or throw on your walking shoes. Walk around a few blocks. Look for amenities like grocery stores, bus stops, liquor stores, and schools. What’s within walking distance? Do the people sitting on their stoop look up and say hello, or stick their chin into their chests when you walk by? Could you see yourself walking these streets every single day on your commute? If no, keep searching.

Also, don’t be discouraged if after a few months you’ve discovered that your neighborhood is too posh/grungy/hipster/yuppie for you. This is why you’re renting. Finish up your lease and move on.

Know what your money rents
Philly’s real estate market is white hot and housing inventory is at a record low. Couple that with the residential building boom underway, and that can mean one thing: Increasingly high rental prices. Still, average monthly rents are all over place, depending at what rental site you look at. For example, a one-bedroom can fetch anywhere from less than a grand to more than $3,000, depending on the neighborhood.

Spend a few days/weeks browsing rental sites (we’ve listed a few, below) to get your finger on the pulse of where the rental market is, and don’t be afraid to ask friends what they are spending on their crib.

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