“There comes a point where you just need to be a homeowner. Maybe your landlord’s been hassling you. Maybe your rent doubles each year. Or maybe you realize you’re not 23 anymore, and your small and dingy apartment isn’t going to cut it any longer.

For me, all of those things worked in unison like a sign from the real estate gods: “Buy now! Be a grown-up! Homeownership is the key to happiness!” So I headed online to pre-qualify for a home loan. And then I’m pretty sure I heard the Internet laugh. Apparently, the housing market is hard on millennials, and I am no exception. I am so not financially ready to buy a house.

So, in addition to crying over the housewarming party that wasn’t meant to be, I also had to come to terms with my life as a renter—and, hopefully, find a way not to hate it.

Here’s how I managed to fall back in love with renting.”

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