Philadelphia is one of the most historical cities in the country and is a place that everybody should visit at least once in their life. Just like any city, Philadelphia has endless possibilities of things to do and places to see. It can seem very overwhelming, especially when you want to make sure you don’t miss anything. We put together a list of some of the most essential things to do once you get to the City of Brotherly Love, so that you can leave your trip feeling complete!

Visit the Liberty Bell

First and foremost, the Liberty Bell is probably the most historical thing in all of Philadelphia. Although it does not actually make a sound, it’s presence delivers a message loud enough or everyone in the country to hear- it symbolizes our right to freedom. The bell draws in people from all over the nation, eager to take a picture with it. Now you can get yours!

Pose with the Rocky Statue

One of the best cinematic masterpieces was filmed right in Philadelphia! Everyone knows Rocky Balboa and his story. Now is your time to come snap a picture of you with his statue, and you can even take a shot of running up and down the famous Rocky Steps!

Tour Independence Hall

Independence Hall is essentially the birthplace of America. It holds monumental significance to the development of our nation. This is where the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. This is also the same place where representatives from the various states to develop the framework of the constitution. This is definitely a must see for any American!

Eat at the Reading Terminal Market

The Reading Terminal Market is a fun and exciting tourist attraction that serves produce, meats, cheese, and seafood for locals. They also provide seating areas where visitors can come enjoy meals from dozens of the restaurants! If you’re looking for goof food, this is a must see!

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