Your furry (or feathered) friend isn’t just a great companion but a beloved member of the family. They’re the ones that are always the first to greet you when you arrive home and the last to leave your side when you’re down in the dumps. That’s why investing in a quality vet for them shouldn’t just be a luxury, it should be a prerogative. Here are five veterinarian clinics in Philadelphia that you can trust Fido or Fluffy to.

Companion Pet Hospital

Located in South Philly, this full-service daytime veterinary hospital was built using the most environmentally advanced and friendly materials and architectural processes. This eco-approach is even reflected in their “paperless” receipts, a living wall of plants in the lobby and non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products. The staff is dedicated to providing your pet with a premium level of care and provides a long list of onsite services.

Center City Veterinarian Hospital

Know for providing the best individualized care in the region, Center City Vet Hospital is a step above the rest. Michael Cohen, VMD and the rest of the staff offer a caring, personalized approach and provide you with information so that you can make the best choices for you and your pets.

World of Animals

This Rittenhouse vet clinic is opened seven days per week and operates at three different locations throughout the region. They are a full-service animal hospital offering physical exams, flea and tick control, dental care, boarding, surgical care and more. They are also available for emergency cases. Vets Dr. Tanya Kameneva and Dr. Dominic Dallago are committed to giving your pet the utmost attention and care.

Penn Vet

If you’re a snake or reptile lover, look no further than Penn Vet’s exotic animal care clinic. Featuring some of the best veterinarians in the region, Penn Vet specializes in pet birds, small mammals, reptiles and other exotics and also includes the only ABVP-Avian board vet in Philly. Currently, they also offer a dual-phase CT contrast study for ferrets with insulinoma and a pain measurement study for lizards that have orthopedic disease.

Northern Liberties Veterinary Center
NoLibs’ first full-service, privately owned veterinary clinic is located at 622 North 2nd Street in Northern Liberties. Dr. Maya Pirok and the NLVC team are dedicated to helping you keep your pet healthy in a modern, eco-friendly environment. Services include wellness care, routine examinations, elective surgeries, and urgent care.

Girard Vet Clinic

Voted “Best Veterinarian Clinic in Philly” by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Girard Vet Clinic, led by Cynthia Balzer, DVM, is a full-service animal hospital providing quality care throughout the lifetime of your pet. They specialize in dogs, cats, rabbits, rats and more and provide a variety of specialized services.