North Broad Street is seeing an incredible amount of new development, but most of this new development is occurring at Temple University and to the south.  The section of North Broad that is north of Temple University’s main campus has seen little new development, but that is starting to change. A large new office and residential complex is planned for the area around North Broad Street Station, where there is access by three different kinds of train lines: subway, regional rail, and Amtrak.  But, while that development is being planned, developers are starting to build smaller buildings along North Broad Street, north of Temple University’s main campus. One of those new buildings is planned for the site of a vacant former funeral home at 2008 North Broad Street, just north of the Temple University campus and Norris Street. It will extend to small Carlisle Street to the west.  This new apartment building at 2008 North Broad Street is being designed by Stuart Rosenberg Architects.


This new apartment building will be six stories tall, a little taller than the renovated townhouses on the rest of the block.  The building will have 40 rental units, 35 of them near Broad Street and five of them in the back facing Carlisle Street. The first floor will have 1,600 square feet of commercial retail space facing Broad Street.  The facade of the building will have large floor-to-ceiling windows, dark concrete panel trim, and protruding solid-white paneled louvres framing the entire facade. A portion of the louvres will extend as a small overhang above the roof.  The building will have fourteen bicycle parking spaces.  


North Broad Street will continue to develop.  As Temple University continues to grow and development happens near Center City, North Broad is becoming more popular and is starting to develop into a true downtown-style main street for North Philadelphia, and it is starting to stand out as more of a premier street and location for the entire city.  New market-rate apartment developments will keep being built along North Broad, and not just for Temple University students. Many of these new buildings will be upscale and will have distinctive new designs and features that were not typical of previous North Broad Street buildings.