Within the last few weeks, three rental homes in Haddonfield, New Jersey have gained a significant spotlight. Over 1,000 people have applied to live in one of these three homes, as they’re currently being offered at a below-market rate. The city has been required through a court order to provide more affordable housing, and these homes are the latest step towards that goal. The plan is for the Camden County borough to buy and/or build affordable rental houses, and offer them throughout various neighborhoods.

This plan has received backlash from the community throughout its years-long lifespan, with many believing that Haddonfield is much less well known for being an affordable place to live, rather than its bustling downtown area and its fantastic school district. However, Mayor Colleen Bianco Bezich has shown continued support for the affordable housing program, stating, “Historically, Haddonfield hasn’t done a good job with affordable housing, but we’ve had enough ‘not in my backyard.’”.

In 2019, an agreement was signed between the city of Haddonfield and the Fair Share Housing Center which forms the backbone of the affordable housing plan. The city has agreed to provide 83 affordable houses by 2025, with the first round of applications for currently available rentals closing on January 31st. The first set of newly built homes are set to include 20 townhouses behind Borough Hall on East Kings Highway. The development will be known as Snowden Commons, and construction is expected to begin later in 2023.

1,000+ applications for 3 rentals | Real Estate Newsletter” | Michaelle Bond