Peter Mikic, a London based interior designer, has a keen eye for how the inside of a home should look. Mikic was quoted as saying “I’m a great believer in editing, whether it’s a wardrobe or a room. You have to know when a look is great.”

The beautiful aspect of moving into a new apartment is that you can make decorating changes that will show off your personality while impressing others. You don’t even have to be an interior designer to pull this off!

Whether you are moving into an apartment or already live in one and want to spruce things up, below are 8 unforgettable decorating tips that will make your home shine.

1. Painting

The first step you need to take is check with your apartment to make sure they allow for you to paint the walls. Many rental communities will allow you to do this if you paint the walls back at the end of your lease. If you apartment allows for you to do this, pick a color that shows off your personality and matches with the furniture. Adding a bright color can help boost the mood in your home! Even if you are a beginner when it comes to painting, there are plenty of tips and tricks online that will help you get started.

2. Pictures

Having trendy pictures hanging on the walls can really get people talking about how great the inside of your apartment looks. With Instagram being so popular, why not take your own pictures for your wall? If you live near a city, you can select 5-7 landmarks around town and snap some great photographs. These pictures can get framed and developed for a low price point and will instantly show off your personality!

3. Rugs

Let’s face it; sometimes the color of the carpet inside of your home can be dull. By adding a large rug, it will add a spark of life to your apartment. IKEA has an amazing rug selection that is colorful and lively. If there is no IKEA in your neck of the woods, don’t fret. E-CARPET Gallery is an e-commerce rug store that has truly remarkable options.

4. Bottle Cork Centerpiece: 

Are you in need for a creativity boost for decorating your home? Pinterest offers amazing suggestions for stylish decorating tips, just like this bottle cork centerpiece. Adding creative decorations throughout your home will have people asking you for guidance when they implement this in their home!

5. Curtains

Curtains are often times overlooked when it comes to how much value they can add for an apartment. When guests walk through the front door, a curtain will be one of the first decorations that they see. Investing in a curtain with vibrant colors will add more of a personal touch to your home.

6. Furniture

This seems like a no brainer but often times at rental communities, people overlook furniture since they don’t believe they will be living in an apartment forever. The great aspect of furniture is that if you invest in this aspect of your apartment, it can be moved with you wherever you go. Just remember, nobody really forgets that trendy and comfortable couch!

7. Bookshelves

The book that someone is reading says a lot about a person! Make your bookshelves one of the main focal points of your apartment. Within a bookshelf, you can include pictures of friends and family along with memorable keepsakes such as the golf ball that you hit your first hole in one with! Bookshelves will add more personality to your home.

8. Plants

Give off some oxygen in your apartment! Having green plants around your rental will add beautiful color throughout your home while filling up empty space. Window boxes always fit in perfectly in apartments and add a really nice dimension from both the inside and outside.

It is now time to find a weekend where you have a day that you can dedicate to decorating your apartment. Follow the 8 tips reference above and you will truly show off your personality at your apartment home!

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