Recently, the Swarthmore Borough Council voted 6-1 to enable the development of a $30 million condominium site in the town’s center. The development is set to break ground across from the borough’s hall and the town library, and will consolidate several of developer Bill Cumby Jr.’s Park Avenue properties onto a unified site. The development, known as 110 Park, will stand five-stories tall, include 30 units, and will contain a parking garage for condo residents. Cumby Jr was enthusiastic about the results of the vote, stating, “We are very appreciative of all of the support we’ve received and especially appreciative of borough council’s thorough and professional approach throughout the whole process”.

However, there has been significant opposition to the development of 110 Park by residents of Swarthmore. Some residents have brought up safety concerns regarding the traffic that the condo’s new residents will bring to the small town. Currently a town of only 6,500, other locals have argued that the development would ruin the small-town feeling of Swarthmore, since the development requires the demolition of two classic commercial and residential structures.

Other residents of Swarthmore view the condo development as a strong boost to the commercial district. They believe that some properties are underused, despite the arrival of new commercial opportunities in the area. Swarthmore Borough Council member Scarlett McCahill, who voted in favor of the 110 Park development, said that Swarthmore has been able to “clarify its values,” while dealing with the controversy of the project. Only time will tell whether the opposition to the condominium will affect any progress throughout the development’s lifecycle.

Swarthmore approves controversial five-story luxury condo building” | Kevin Riordan