These are just a few great ideas to help you save money this winter.  I hear it’s going to be a cold one too. Start doing some of these things now and you should be ok.

1. Batten Down the Windows

There is no getting around it: Original single pane windows suck the heat out of older apartments. While you can’t stop this heat loss entirely, you don’t have to choose between cost and comfort. There are many relatively inexpensive ways to reduce heating costs without sacrificing your first born for Low-E replacement windows.

  1. Use window insulating kits
  2. Try window insulating film
  3. Possibly spend some money on insulating drapes and window treatments.

2. Seal the Cracks

The glass in your old windows loses heat, but there are many other small ways that precious warmth can exit your apartment. If it’s not the glass itself, it could be gaps in the frame, a poorly sealed door, or plumbing and utility runs. These simple tricks can help resolve this invisible heat sink.

  1. You can use spray foam
  2. Clear silicone sealant can work
  3. Weather stripping helps too

3. Heat Wisely

Older apartments are notoriously difficult to heat. Old hot water systems are slow to warm and quick to overheat, leaving you in a constant state of frozen sweat. The fact is older apartments don’t take well to modern methods of heating, with those new fangled programmable thermostats or some-such. Making a few adjustment can help increase comfort and reduce costs.

  1. Space and/or zone heating is a big plus
  2. Heater maintenance is necessary
  3. Thermostat – set it low and leave it alone.

We hope this helps.  If not, a good warm sweater works too 🙂