South Kensington has been experiencing some of the most new development in Philadelphia in recent years.  New construction has been happening in the blocks north of Girard Avenue, but also along Streets like Berks and York Street and on the numbered streets including North Fifth Street, which is experiencing several new developments that include townhouses, apartments, condominiums, office space, and retail.  North Fifth Street had much vacant land and buildings, but now is being transformed because of all this new development. Further up, in central Kensington, community groups have been building new housing and schools to revitalize the neighborhood, and now community group HACE is planning a new mixed use development, with apartments and retail, at 2739 North Fifth Street, replacing ten vacant lots.  This new building is being designed by Haley Donovan architects. This redevelopment promises to increase demand for housing and private development further into Kensington.

This new building will be four stories tall and will have thirty rental units above the ground floor.  The apartments will all be studios and affordable. The ground floor will have retail spaces totaling 3,000 square feet, with anticipated uses including a cafe, a small market, and another eatery.  The amenities for the residents include a laundry room, bicycle parking, a green roof, small balconies for each unit, and a small patio. The appliances will be Energy Star rated and the whole project will be Enterprise Green Communities Certified.  The facade has metal panels, with gray and bright yellow, and large windows.

Kensington will continue to see redevelopment further and further north.  Developments in South Kensington, which include new construction on the 1500 and 1600 blocks of North Fifth Street and the renovation of the former Stetson Hat Factory into the Umbrella Factory Lofts at North Fifth and Montgomery Avenue, has set the tone for the kind of development which will remake much of Kensington and West Kensington in coming years.  Community groups and developers will continue to provide a mix of housing for different incomes and different kinds of commercial space.